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My name is Roddy Tano. People ask me if Roddy is short for something, but it isn't. Its my real name. Anyways, thank you checking out my page. This is pretty much the whole spill about me. I won't take long but I will share some things about myself. You ready? Well, Here it goes

How I got into Photography

Taking photos has been one of my silent passion growing up. People didn't know that not until I took photography seriously in the middle of 2020.  One of my friends who decided to lend down her camera gave it to me for free so that I would grow my photography.I deeply appreciated her to give me an opportunity to start my photography journey. Once I had that camera, it was game on to start practicing in any way and every way possible. 1 month later, I decided to upgrade my camera to Sony A6300, and for about 3 months I mastered some basic photography skills and yet during this time I didn't know the full details of buying a camera. I was still researching on how camera is used and what the specs were and so on. So, then a friend let me borrow his camera Canon 5D Mark III which is a high-end quality camera. This was a trigger for me to start pushing through to market my photography. Finally, after 6 months in I decided to buy my own high end-quality camera: Canon EOS R6. Currently, I am still learning this new camera and love it. I am eager to shoot more and more. Cant wait to craft more with these different types of photoshoots. Overall, I desire to make this my full-time job and build a wide-spread community to partner with many businesses, athletes, weddings, etc. 



I am a Christian

I treasure my faith above anything and anyone in my life. My faith in Christ is solely my firm foundation, my rock and my full satisfaction. There isn't anything and anyone that could compare to worth of Christ. I have been following Christ since 7th grade and from there on I have been growing and God has been molding my life since then. It has been a rocky road, but totally worth the journey. I am currently the Worship Pastor at Be The Message Church which has been my family since it ever started. Music is my other passion other than photography. I love to lead people in worship and has been my passion ever since I surrendered my life to Christ. If want more info about my church, feel free to ask me


I love Music & Cutting Hair

One of the other creative arts that I love to do aside from photography are music and cutting hair. These are one of the things I do regularly when I don't do any photography stuff. Music is something I really love and cherish because I grew up with a family that is musically inclined. I love every genre but mostly R&B, Gospel, Christian Rap, Blues & Jazz. I am a barber where I built a small barber style shop in my garage. I have been cutting hair for 7 years now and counting. Yes, I cut my own hair and haven't been in the barbershop in a very long time. 

I love the Gym & Basketball

My go to places to relax and recover is the gym and basketball. Those are my favorite things to do that keeps me active and motivated. The gym is the place where I try to keep body is shape, flexible and be ready whatever I am faced. Basketball is the sport I love that grew up playing because of the artwork it has and the competitiveness it brings. If you down to go to the gym and/or play basketball, let's go!

I love People

Lastly, I truly love people and photography is a field where you are with people and build a community that involves many things. One thing value is that, people matter. Everyone matters. I get engaged in knowing people, their story, their life, their testimonies, their ups and downs. Being there for them not just only a photographer but a person is what I value. Yes, I can take shots for them, but being a person matters more. Its the relationship that counts. 


I LOVE         USIC &
                   CUTTING HAIR







So - Cal Photographer.

Cant wait to meet you

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